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Aim at excellency and thrive to improve our society



Provide excellent services in the fields of engineering, construction, architecture, design, project management and web development.


Born and raised in Bergen, Norway.
Discovered my passion for engineering at age 14 at school in France. Involved in robotics, 2D/3D design during high school.
Graduated with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with Renewable Energy from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Previous experience with ABB, GE, Lotus Energy Group.
Full time committed to the Hudson Group and Schnackel Engineers.
COO at AeroShip Inc. since May 2016.
NYC Marathon runner 2016.
Live on Upper West Side and work in Midtown, New York City since 2013.

Fluent in Norwegian, Spanish, French and English


Reach out for consulting services in engineering, architectural design / drafting, project management and entrepreneurship

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